GANA Website Under Construction: Thursday, July 28


We are eager to unveil the brand new GANA website. However, today will be spent finalizing technical details and transferring content. Please be patient as we may experience some technical difficulty and perhaps even a website outage as we make this transition. On August 1st we will officially launch our brand new GANA website featuring a new design, improved navigation and lots of new features. Stay tuned!


Coming Soon! GANA’s Website Gets a Makover

Coming Soon! GANA’s Website Gets a Makeover
The GANA website, is an extensive resource used by many. It provides great tools for architects, exclusive information for members, online sales for both events and technical documents. To ensure our website remains a valuable tool for our audience, GANA staff and volunteer members are working together to give the GANA website a facelift and offer new and improved ways to navigate to the tools you need. The new website will offer improved features such as a searchable member directory, an enhanced e-commerce system for publication sales and a Glass Nation blog for all your GANA and industry news. The new site will launch in August, so stay tuned!

GANA in Action

How we help our members, every day.

Being a part of GANA means being a part of something bigger. Our staff and members are constantly reaching out to fellow trade associations, educational providers and other stakeholders to build relationships and share resources. Below are just a few partnerships that showcase our efforts to build positive collaborations that expand our industry-reach and benefit our members:

  • IGMA: GANA partnered with IGMA earlier this year to host our GANA Annual Conference in the same location as IGMA’s meeting. The event allowed for increased collaboration on technical resource development and discussion and opportunities for networking.
  • NAM: The GANA Flat Glass Manufacturing Division supports GANA’s membership in National Association of Manufacturers. Our efforts with NAM help keep us at the forefront of international manufacturing trends and advocacy opportunities. Bill Yanek, GANA’s Executive Vice President attended an NAM
  • ASTM International: GANA Technical Director, Urmilla Sowell plays an active role in ASTM International’s efforts for worldwide development of standards. Next week she’ll lead a two-day working meeting for the the ASTM E06.51.13 Task Group on Glass Strength.
  • FCA International: GANA is a proud partner of the 2016 GlassCon Global Conference which will be held July 6-9 in Boston. This event is an incredible resource for exploring energy performance trends, new products and applications and architectural challenges and solutions. GANA Technical Director Urmilla Sowell will serve on a panel presentation exploring oversized glass logistics, quality control and assurance.
  • NGA: GANA will once again serve as a sponsor for GlassBuild America, a three-day expo featuring educational forums and express learning sessions. GlassBuild America will be held October 19-21, 2016 in Las Vegas. GANA will host an exhibit and deliver several express learning sessions.

New GIB Release

Design Considerations for Laminated Glazing Applications

The GANA Laminating Division has provided an updated version of the popular Glass Informational Bulletin, “Design Considerations for Laminated Glazing Applications”.  GANA’s GIBs are a free resource for anyone interested in learning more about technical aspects of glass and glazing products. GANA offers a library of more than 50 GIBs ranging from topics in sustainability, safety glazing, installation techniques and so much more. Download your copy of “Design Considerations for Laminated Glazing Applications” and browse our GIB library at


Swing for the Fences! Member Baseball

It’s summer time in North America and people everywhere are beginning to fire up their grills, dig in their gardens, and sit back to take in a ball game. At GANA, we’ve been talking about a ball game of our own: Member Get-A-Member Baseball. Did you know that GANA is growing? In the first quarter of 2016, GANA welcomed more than 20 new members throughout our various Divisions. We’re excited to welcome these new players to the team, but as Babe Ruth once said, “Yesterday’s homeruns don’t win today’s game.” Help us keep our growth momentum moving forward by recruiting new members to join GANA. Participate in the “Member Get-A-Member Baseball” game and we’ll reward you for your efforts! Check out the details below and contact Erin Fletcher, Director of Marketing for more details:

Recruit one new member during baseball season and receive:
• 50% off one GANA Event Registration
• Recognition as a “Golden Glove” at upcoming GANA events in 2016/2017

Recruit two new members during baseball season and receive:
• One FREE GANA Event Registration
• Recognition as a “Silver Slugger” at the upcoming GANA events in 2016/2017

Recruit three new members during baseball season and receive:
• One FREE GANA Event Registration
• An additional 50% off a second GANA Event Registration
• Recognition as a “GANA All-Star” at upcoming GANA events in 2016/2017
• Your choice: A GANA Baseball Cap or a $50 Visa Gift Card

Recruit four new members during baseball season and receive:
• Two FREE GANA Event Registrations
• Recognition as a member of the “GANA Hall of Fame” at upcoming GANA events in 2016/2017
• Your choice: A customized GANA jersey with your name on the back or a $150 Visa Gift Card

• Who’s already on the team? Check out the GANA Roster here. [login required]
• Who are we scouting? Email Erin Fletcher ( for a list of potential recruits
• Need a ball & bat? Click here to download the GANA Membership brochure, talking points and membership application


– For the purposes of this program, a new member is defined as any company that has not been a member in the previous 2 years.
– For the purposes of this program, “baseball season” will take place May 1, 2016 – November 1, 2016.
– Any representative of a GANA member company in good standing may participate as a recruiter in this program.
– The recruiter must be identified in “referred by” field of the membership application or confirmed directly with GANA staff upon applying.
– The 50% GANA Event Registration Discount or Free GANA Event Registration will be rewarded to the recruiting company upon receipt of dues payment from new member (the earned 50% GANA Event Registration Discount or Free GANA Event Registration may be used by any employee of the recruiting company.)
– The 50% GANA Event Registration Discount or Free GANA Event Registration can only be applied to GANA registration fees (travel, hotel, meal or other expenses are not applicable).
– The 50% GANA Event Registration Discount or Free GANA Event Registration is valid for up to 12 months following receipt of a new member application/dues payment.

Call for Volunteers

GANA Event Planning Task Force: Call for volunteers

The GANA Board of Directors has formed a special task force to examine the overall structure and purpose of GANA events, to include the number of events held, and the structure and intent of each event.  Currently, GANA holds three primary meetings per year: Annual Conference (Feb-Mar), Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference (Feb-Mar) and Fall Conference (Aug-Oct).   Tracy Rogers of Quanex Building Products will be serving as Chair of the Task Force and liaison to the Board of Directors.  We are seeking individuals interested in examining the structure of GANA events to grow the Task Force.  Please email GANA Account Executive Sara Neiswanger ( if interested.


Mirror Technical Committee: Call for volunteers

The GANA Decorative Division is seeking to establish a new task group on Assessing Distortion in Mirrors. This task group is seeking volunteers to look at distortion in stock sheet mirror mounted in large rooms.  If you are interested in joining this group, please email GANA Account Executive, Sara Neiswanger at

Call for Resources

Health and Wellness Benefits of Daylight: Call for resources

The Energy Division is undertaking the development of a new GIB that will discuss the health and wellness benefits associated with daylight, and therefore the use of glass in buildings.  The task group is initiating its work by compiling the resources that already exist.  This list of resources will eventually make up a large portion of the GIB.  If your company has literature on this topic, or you’ve identified other sources for information on this research, please send them to GANA Account Executive Sara Neiswanger (   In addition, if you are a member of the Energy Division and wish to participate in this effort, volunteers are welcome.

Member Spotlight

Julie Schimmelpenningh, Receives ASTM “Award of Merit”

ASTM International Committee F12 on Security Systems and Equipment(F12) has presented its top annual award – the Award of Merit – to Julia Schimmelpenningh of Eastman Chemical Company in Springfield, Mass., U.S.A.The prestigious award, which includes the accompanying title of fellow, is ASTM’s highest recognition for individual contributions to developing standards.The committee honored Schimmelpenningh for outstanding leadership, distinguished service, and respected technical expertise in ensuring safer and more secure buildings through improved glazing products and practices. She has been a member of ASTM since 1992 and has served as the committee’s chairman since 2012. She also serves as the first vice-chairman of the committee on performance of buildings (E06).

Schimmelpenningh is a “global applications manager – architectural” with Eastern Chemical Company, providing technical product support for laminated glass to glass fabricators, architects, designers, and specifiers. She previously served as a technical applications manager with Solutia Inc., and a marketing and technical service research engineer with Monsanto Chemical Company.

In addition to ASTM, Schimmelpenningh is a member of the Glass Association of North America, the American National Standards Institute, International Organization for Standardization, American Society of Acoustics, and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

Congratulations Julie, from all your friends at GANA!